At Professional Association & Event Managers, Inc. (PAEMI), we have built our business on talented people, a tradition of excellent service to the clients we serve, and the development of a resource base that provides for an association's every need. We realize that every organization requires a different mix of services, and one of our strengths is our ability to offer professional, technical, and logistical resources in every area of association activity.

Here are areas in which your organization can benefit as one of our clients:

We maintain full and complete accounting file systems with careful back up and documentation of all income and expense items to provide complete historical financial data.

By allowing our trained personnel to serve as your own executive staff, we oversee and execute the essential day-to-day business activities of your organization.

Strategic Planning
By assisting in the identification of long-range and short-term objectives we help the organization develop and meet strategic goals.

By serving as a key resource we advise leadership and volunteers on specific organizational, operational, and member service matters.

By reviewing your organization we offer recommendations for enhancement or improvements in program operations, structure, and service.

By assisting you in developing internal leadership, boosting membership, retaining a strong membership base, fundraising, and coordinating details on every project, we ensure the organizationís success.

Technological Expertise
Based on leading-edge equipment ranging from current generation hardware and software to broadcast email and online communications, we pride ourselves on our technologically savvy and state-of-the-art equipment.

Database Management and Maintenance
Our company maintains a full roster database maintenance system through the Microsoft CRM data system, one of the most adaptable and compatible data systems in existence. With this system we are able to import from and export to Microsoft Word, Access, Excel, Word Perfect, and Macintosh data systems. The flexibility and broad capabilities of this system provide a myriad of possibilities for data storage and retrieval. We use Microsoft Outlook as our email platform and each account executive has remote access through a terminal server to assure prompt communication with our clients and their members.

From this system we are able to produce reports in custom configurations which may be used for communication, recruitment, retention, special mailings, and specific target communications. Furthermore, with Microsoft CRM and its virtually endless flexibility, we are able to add custom fields to membership records to provide us (and our clients) with specific characteristics on a member data record.

Conference/Trade Show Planning and Management
In the management of our current client base we plan, execute, and provide staff support for over 35 meetings and events per year, with total attendees of over 50,000.

Meetings range from work groups of 5-10 volunteers; to large Boards of Directors and Strategic Planning Meetings (including committee chairs) of nearly 75; to traditional meetings/conventions (with exhibits and education) that range from 100 to over 5,000 attendees; to consumer events that range from 5,000 to over 18,000 attendees.

Many of our meetings include educational programs, often for continuing education credits, and we have coordinated as many as 25 concurrent sessions. Further, many of our meetings include trade shows with exhibitors and sponsors, some with as many as 300 exhibits and sponsors.

We conduct a large number of special events - both "stand-alone" and as adjuncts to regular meetings, such as golf tournaments, social outings, group travel, educational events, and spouse programs.

In support of all these meetings, we develop promotional items (both marketing and registration materials), contract for meeting space, arrange for speakers (and their support materials), prepare badges and registration packets, and manage the meetings with full and professional staff support. We also work with our webmasters to ensure information is posted and updated in a timely manner.

Our meeting planners and staff are recognized as among the most talented, resourceful, and professional in the business.

We currently produce 10 newsletters or magazines and membership directories for our clients - some monthly, some quarterly, and others on various schedules. These range from slick, full-blown magazines with a large proportion of advertising, to pre-printed shells with different content each month, to informational newsletters with no advertising, to web-based e-flashes and blast email alerts.

Our responsibilities in this area vary, and range from production of articles, to editing and layout, to coordination with editors for content, style, and production. For some publications we solicit and promote advertising sales, and for others we coordinate the billing and placement of ads. We also produce the labels and handle the mailing for all publications.

Furthermore, we produce for our clients many other publications such as membership directories, legislative alerts, special event brochures, periodic information bulletins, postcard reminders, strategic/action plans, and monthly and yearly calendars.

Web Design and Maintenance
Of our current clients, all have operational web sites, many of which we have helped to develop. We assist in the maintenance of these in conjunction with volunteer committees.

The sophistication of our clients' web sites is geared to their budgets, their needs, and the desires of their members. Many have hyperlinks to local and national sites, as well as industry links beyond the organization itself. Others are merely informational, serving the needs of current members and those who might inquire about membership or services.

Maintenance of the web site is part of our management service, and we have staff members who are trained in this work; furthermore, they are extremely creative in terms of suggestions for improvement and expansion of this service to the members.