Many association management companies simply reel off laundry lists of services they provide. At Professional Association & Event Managers, Inc. (PAEMI), we believe that in the final analysis, it's not what we do as much as how we do it that makes the difference. We believe there's something special about the way we manage associations.

To show you what we mean, here are a few specific examples:

We manage with respect for the volunteer...
Leaders in a legal-related profession told us they were stymied by their organization's previous management group. Frustrated volunteers listened helplessly as their association staff told them what they could and could not do, and seemed more interested in explaining why a project or program could not be carried out. Volunteers felt ignored and support faded. The Association directors selected PAEMI because we designed an operating plan that said "just say yes" to their members. Then we stuck to our plan. This client has been with PAEMI since 1989 and it continues to thrive.

We manage for the future...
A “professional association,” blessed with an active and involved membership, has prospered with PAEMI's assistance in strategic and long-range planning. Under the direction of PAEMI's CEO, the leadership of the association conducted an intensive strategic planning session, the outcome of which was a concrete long range plan for the organization. PAEMI actively monitors the specific timetables of the plan as well as the "action plans" for each committee. This approach has proven to be extremely effective in helping the association meet its organizational goals as well as maintaining an equitable "workload" among the Board and committees.

We manage with creativity...
When a state association contracted with PAEMI in 2001, the organization had previously been staffed by an individual on a part time basis, along with help from volunteer members. With such limited support, the Board of Directors was unable to accomplish many of its "need to do" projects. One of the association's major weak spots was public relations, directed both to regulatory agencies and the manufacturers in the industry.

Working with key industry leaders, PAEMI’s staff established a long range public relations strategy and created a specific list of projects to enhance the industry's image. We provided an annual report which is a stand alone public relations piece, a first class "client brochure" which members distribute to their clients, and a media relations program which includes an issues management procedure, press release coverage of all association activities and a clipping service to monitor the overall public relations program's effectiveness.