Professional Association & Event Managers, Inc. (PAEMI) undertakes the full responsibility of managing the affairs of the organization for an annual fee which covers your basic overhead expenses plus the cost of the association executive and support staff services. We arrive at your annual fee by estimating the number of hours our staff will devote to the accomplishment of your organizational objectives over the course of a year.

As an association management company, we provide economies of scale, and the ability to use leveraged resources. Since clients' needs vary greatly, we recommend no absolute standard budget percentage to allocate for management. Rather than a flat fee, we can provide management on a percentage of revenue basis which gives us additional incentive to increase your revenue and improve your bottom line. Our experience suggests a range of 25% to 40% of total operating expense, depending on staffing requirements. In many cases, through fundraising and increased membership we have created enough additional income to offset the cost of our management services.