Professional Association & Event Managers, Inc.'s (PAEMI's) mission is:

  • To exceed our clients' expectations.

  • To enhance the professionalism and business competence of our clients and their members.

  • To be technologically proficient and use technology for every possible advantage.

  • To realize our people are our most important resource and to provide personal growth opportunities for our employees.

  • To be system-oriented and utilize effective management techniques to empower our people and provide them with a high degree of self-motivation.

  • To achieve results for our clients, not just perform tasks.

  • And above all, to find a way to "just say yes” to our clients’ requests.


Professional Association & Event Managers, Inc. (PAEMI) was formed in 1984 to provide first-class executive management services for the growing variety of associations and volunteer member organizations seeking professional support.

Experience... performance... depth... these are the qualities to look for in an association management firm. PAEMI’s concept guarantees experience and stability at the management level, and provides the professional and administrative depth to execute your programs successfully, whichever direction they may take.

PAEMI’s concept of association management brings together a team of specialists skilled in all phases of managing voluntary membership organizations. Our team plans and executes your organization's program under the direction of an experienced association manager who serves as your chief staff executive. In managing your association, we operate under the direction of your policy-making Board, and at the same time recognize our responsibility to suggest creative, new approaches to programming and projects for your organization. We assist your Board in defining short- and long-range objectives and programs to continually increase the effectiveness and success of your organization.